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Oct 2015

Delicata Soup with Pancetta and Chives

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October is the perfect time of year to stock up on stock. If you do this and load up your freezer with this essential building block, your Thanksgiving will be destined for greatness. Once your freezer is full of rich chicken or turkey or duck or ham stock, you can create memorable soups and sauces. One of my favorite soups to serve at Thanksgiving is Sweet and Smoky Delicata Soup with Pancetta and Chives. We eat Thanksgiving late in the afternoon so this soup, which is served at noon time is always so welcome. It is richly flavored, yet has no butter or cream in it and it is beautiful to present to your guests in a plain white bowl.  Don’t forget to garnish this golden and velvety first course with tiny bits of crispy pancetta and fresh chive.


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