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Nov 2013

Make Pies to Die For – by the Boston Globe

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David Lyon from the Boston Globe visited Jillyanna’s, a new culinary school in York County for the New England Travel edition column.

When I opened the car door and smelled wood smoke, I was pretty sure I was in the right place.  When I began walking up the gravel driveway and saw a petite woman in a full baker’s apron heading toward the gardet with scissors, I was positive.  Jillyanna’s Woodfired Cooking School stands on a woodsy residential road in Kennebunkport’s village of Cape Porpoise.  Jill Strauss moved to the site 26 years ago; last fall shea dded an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven surrounded by a broad bluestone patio.

Click here to read a PDF of the full article…

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