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Nov 2013

Kennebunkport pizza chef fires up backyard classes

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Lori Valigra from Maine Biz, visits Jillyanna’s for their latest edition of On the Record.
By Lori Valigra

Jill Strauss jokes that when she moved to Maine 26 years ago, diner food was considered haute cuisine and pizza was served with french fries. Today Maine, especially the southeastern part, garners national accolades as a foodie haven. That reputation is feeding another trend: culinary tourism, which the World Food Travel Association in Portland, Ore., estimates has grown into a $150 billion industry annually.

Strauss and her partner, Valerie Glynn, both former teachers, combined their love of cooking with teaching to open a specialty pizza-making school, complete with an outdoor stone Mugnaini oven heated by apple and oak wood. They launched Jillyanna’s Woodfired Cooking School this past June in their Kennebunkport home, and use fresh, locally sourced vegetables and seafood and import oil and other fine ingredients.

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