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Jun 2015

Crab Cakes for Jackie

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When the weather gets hot in Maine, I love to eat things from the sea and from my garden. One of my favorite summer meals? Maine crab cakes perched on a pretty, crisp salad, drizzled with honey basil vinaigrette. When WCSH6 anchor Jackie Ward let me know she is moving to San Francisco and would appreciate a good crab recipe, I offered to show her how to make this appetizer or luncheon dish. In Maine, it’s best to use peekytoe crab (the the most delicate variety of all Maine rock or sand crabs). Peekytoe crab is not as meaty as Wild Atlantic Jonah crab or the crab Jackie will find in San Francisco, but she can always substitute Dungeness Crab for Maine Crab. Both work beautifully in this recipe. There is no point in masking the subtle flavor of fresh picked crabmeat so when I make crab cakes, I stick with a few simple ingredients. I am fond of using some fluffy white bread (Standard Baking in Portland makes a killer Pain de Mie )as a bit of filler and I coat my crab in Panko (Japanese bread crumbs) for a little crunch. The glue that holds everything together is a little tartar sauce and some egg. Please remember to let the crab cakes sit quietly in the fridge for an hour. The cold temperature allows the seafood, bread and sauce to marry and congeal and the crab cake then holds together pretty well. I like to pan-fry my crab cakes in organic canola oil for a couple of minutes, flip them, and let them continue cooking until they turn golden brown.

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